Zyrtec (Cetirizine)
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Product description: Zyrtec is an antihistamine that reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body. It is used to treat cold or allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, watery eyes, or runny nose.
Active Ingredient: Cetirizine
Zyrtec as known as: Aceterin, Acidrine, Acitrin, Acura, Adezio, Agelmin, Alairgix, Alarex, Alatrex, Alatrol, Alenstran, Aleras, Alercet, Alercina, Alerdif, Alerfrin, Alergizina, Alergoxal, Alerid, Alerlisin, Alermed, Alermizol nf, Alernadina, Alero, Alertek, Alertop, Alerviden, Alerza, Alerzin, Alerzina, Alesof-10, Allecet, Allercet, Allergica, Allerid c, Allermine, Allerset, Allertec, Alnix, Alnok, Alzytec, Amazina, Amefar, Amertil, Analergin, Arhin, Artiz, Arzedyn, Asitrol, Asytec, Atopix, Atrizin, Atrol, Benaday, Betarhin, Betek, Blezamont, Cabal, Celay, Celerg, Ceratio, Cerchio, Cerex, Cerini, Cerizina, Certirec, Cesil, Cet eco, Cetaler, Cetalerg, Cetgel, Ceti-puren, Ceticad, Cetidac, Cetiderm, Cetidura, Cetigen, Cetihexal, Cetihis, Cetilich, Cetimax, Cetimerck, Cetinal, Cetinax, Cetiozone, Cetir, Cetiram, Cetirax, Cetirgen, Cetirigamma, Cetirinax, Cetiristad, Cetirivax, Cetiriz, Cetirizin, Cetirizina, Cetirizindi, Cétirizine, Cetirizini, Cetirizinum, Cetirlan, Cetirocol, Cetitev, Cetizin, Cetizine, Cetlertec, Cetolerge, Cetral, Cetralon, Cetrikem, Cetril, Cetriler, Cetrin, Cetrine, Cetrivax, Cetriwal, Cetrixal, Cetrixin, Cetrizen, Cetrizet, Cetrizin, Cetrizine, Cetro, Cetryn, Cidron, Ciritex, Cirizine, Citin, Cizin, Coolips, Cotalil, Coulergin, Deallergy, Dermizin, Doccetiri, Dorotec, Dyno, Dyzin, Egirizin, Ekon, Estin, Etizin, Falergi, Finallerg, Findaler, Flexmed, Formistin, Gardex, Gentiran, Glotrizine, Habitek, Hamiltosin, Heinix, Helvecin, Hisaler, Hista-x, Histafren, Histal, Histalen, Histasin, Histatec, Histax, Histazine, Histec, Histek, Histimed, Histrine, Hitrizin, Hyperpoll, Incidal-od, Intrizin, Kalven, Kenicet, Kilsol, Kruzin, Lambeta, Lergium, Lergy, Lerzin, Letizen, Levoc, Merzin, Mycetra, Noler, Nosemin, Okacet, Omcet, Oncet, Ontin, Optiser, Orgy, Ozen, Parlazin, Piriteze, Pollenshield, Procet, Ralizon, Ratioalerg, Reactine, Remitex, Ressital, Revicet, Rhinil, Rhinodina, Rhizin, Rigotax, Risina, Riz, Rizin, Rydian, Rynset, Ryvel, Ryzen, Ryzicor, Ryzo, Salvalerg, Sanaler, Satrol, Senirex, Setiral, Siterin, Sixacina, Spatanil, Stopaler, Symitec, Talerdin, Talert, Talzic, Telarix, Terizin, Texa, Tiramin, Tiritek, Tiriz, Tirizin, Tolmex, Tradaxin, Trin, Triz, Trizin, Ubercet, Vialerg, Virlix, Vitinelin, Yenizin, Zalan, Zeda, Zeran, Zertazine, Zertine, Zetalerg, Zetir, Zetop, Zetri, Zetrinal, Zinal, Ziptek, Zirpine, Zirtec, Zirtek, Zirtene, Zirtraler, Znupril, Zodac, Zyllergy, Zyncet, Zynor, Zyrfar, Zyrlex, Zyrtec-d, Zyrtecset, Zyx

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