Zocor (Simvastatin)
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Product description: Zocor is a prescription medication which is used to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and to lower the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart complications in people with diabetes or coronary heart disease.
Active Ingredient: Simvastatin
Zocor as known as: Actalipid, Docsimvasta, Doctiverine, Dosavastatin, Lipex, Lipinorm, Lodales, Normotherin, Simbastatin, Simcard, Simgal, Simvastatina, Simvastatinum, Simvofix, Simvor, Sinvacor, Sivastin, Statinal, Vasilip, Zeid, Zocord, Zorced, Zorstat, Zosta, Zostin, Zostine, Zovast, Zovastin, Zovatin, Zurocid

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