Aciphex (Rabeprazole)
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Product description: Aciphex is proton pump inhibitor which is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease and other conditions involving excessive stomach acid.
Active Ingredient: Rabeprazole
Aciphex as known as: Barole, Dexrobel-dsr, Eraloc, Eurorapi, Finix, Gastrodine, Gasul, Happi, Intas, Novo-rabeprazole, Paricel, Prabex, Rabec, Rabee-isr, Rabeloc, Rabemac, Rabeprazol, Rabeprazolum, Rabibit, Rabibit-d, Rabibit-isr, Rabium, Ramprazole, Razo, Rebilex-dsr, Rebilex-isr, Rotec, Rozy-d, Rozy-dsr, Rozydex, Veloz

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